Painting & Coatings Inspection

Whenever your project requires the services of a coating contractor, you want to feel reassured that your job is being prepared and coated in line with the requirements of your coating specification and without compromise!

We can arrange for our coatings inspector to be in attendance at the contractor's facility at all stages of the project, through to completion or at an agreed frequency to suit your individual needs, ensuring that the work being carried out meets the requirements of your specification, remains on track, and in line with the agreed completion and delivery dates.

At Core-Spec, we strongly advocate the use of photographic evidence to form a major part of our reporting ethos whilst acting on your behalf. It goes without saying that a picture paints a thousand words providing our clients with irrefutable proof that a contractor is complying with the requirements of your specification.

During the execution phase of your project, our coatings inspector will carry out routine surveillance at the contractor's facility, whilst keeping you informed of progress via email and phone calls.

Contact us today and see how we can help to ensure the success of your coating project.