Documentation Services

We cannot over emphasize the importance of establishing a good quality control process from the outset of any given project. Aim to set your stall out early on as this will create the benchmark for the standard of quality required throughout the project!

The earlier you involve Core-Spec, the better it will be for your documentation. We can assist you with the production of Inspection Test Plans, ITP's, reviewing coating specifications, or review of the contractor’s quality control procedures, helping you to avoid the majority of conflicts that are all too commonly encountered during the execution phase.

Coatings Reports

Coatings Inspection reports eventually form part of handover and completion documentation and can become legal documents. So all reports should be complete, legible, signed and dated. The reports must be written and presented in such a way that someone who was not present during the work - such as an auditor or verification body - can easily understand and follow the report.

Any work that has been carried out by the contractor must be accurately recorded and properly documented. If it is not documented, then it didn’t officially happen! Experience has shown that when coating inspection reports are not regularly monitored by an independent coatings inspector, they can quickly fall into disarray, rendering them worthless!

Documentation tasks we can perform include but are not limited to;