Coating Condition Surveys

Professional coating condition surveys are carried out in order to allow the asset owner or manager to take a close look at the current health of the protective coatings that are currently applied throughout that installation or asset.

Our coating condition surveys are carried out in accordance with ISO 4628, by our senior Level-3 Coatings Inspector, and cover full inspection and examination of the existing paint and coatings utilising your own asset's drawings, P&ID's and Isometrics. The survey will capture essentials such as baseline thickness checks, coating breakdown values and a corrosion assessment.

As the survey report will most likely form the basis of future workpacks, it is essential that the report is easy to follow and understand. All surveys culminate in a comprehensive written / photographic report that can easily be transferred into a scope of work for fabric maintenance.

It is a true saying that proper planning prevents poor performance, as such we understand the need for a report that combines detail within a user friendly format, allowing the end user to locate and target these areas with relative ease. The devil as always, is in the detail!

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