Insulation Inspection

Thermal insulation is a highly valuable investment for your asset contributing towards energy conservation and process efficiency. It can significantly lower your operating costs, whilst also helping to reduce CO2 emissions and the associated carbon footprint.

When insulation is being applied at your installation, it makes sense to employ the services of an Insulation inspector who will ensure that it is being applied strictly in accordance with the requirements of your specification and in line with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Once commissioned your insulation system should be periodically monitored and properly maintained throughout the course of its service life.

In much the same way that a damaged paint film allows the passage of moisture down to the bare steel, a damaged portion of insulation can give way to dampness, leading to conditions such as, C.U.I. (corrosion under insulation). If left undetected it can ultimately lead to failure of the component part, risking loss of containment or placing it out of service, often a great cost.

So if you are planning to applying new insulation, carry out fabric maintenance or require to have a survey carried out, we can be of service to you. Our own senior coatings Inspector holds current certification to I-Corr Level-2 Insulation Inspector.

We can perform services including but not limited to;

Contact us today and see how we can help to ensure the success of your insulation project.