Fireproofing Inspection

Passive fire protection systems are employed throughout industry to provide protection in the event of a fire. These systems can take many forms ranging from thin single component, water borne intumescent coatings to thicker epoxy intumescent systems, providing fire protection against cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires.

In the offshore industry, these systems form part of the platform's safety case and play a vitally important role in ensuring the safety of personnel and plant in the event of such a fire scenario.

When you decide to have a passive fire protective coating system applied to your installation, consider employing the services of a certified fireproofing inspector to ensure that it is being applied strictly in accordance with the requirements of your specification and in line with the coating manufacturer’s recommendations.

Whenever you are applying new passive fire protection, carrying out fabric maintenance or require a survey carried out on your asset, we can be of service to you. Our own senior coatings Inspector holds current certification of, I-Corr Level-2, Fireproofing Inspector.

We can perform services including but not limited to;

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