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At this point in the game you can be assured of a warm welcome wherever you go...

An overview of my current character's progress - You can also see the results of my "enchant a weapon" experiment.

Home sweet home - thank you Bethesda for the wonderful construction kit!


Proof that Telvanni Bug Musk Really Works!

I was simply levitating across the landscape, minding my own business when i noticed that i had attracted a few followers intent on inflicting me with blight disease and then slowly pecking me to death.
Even boots of blinding speed were not enough to outrun these little blighters, in fact i was just collecting more of them- FECH OFF!!
When i got jammed in a group of them and couldn't move, i decided enough was enough -

After "Instant Ice Age" erupted on the nearest one, it's raining diseased cliff racers - just grabbed the camera in time :-)

The message is from my attempt to renew my Levitation spell which was about to run out... :-)

'I love bugs' section

Time for an update on my game...

The Zainab Bug

Problem: Need to be named Nerevarine (War-Leader) of four Ashlander tribes. 3 down 1 to go: The Zainab. Their leader: Bhawsak Kaushad. According to those whose games are working fine at this point, when you speak to the Ashlanders in the village, you can show your proofs of being worthy, and they all say "go talk to Kaushad". Indeed they do in my game also. However, even after speaking to the village wise woman, who also says i should "go talk to Kaushad", the man himself will only say that "perhaps i am worthy, perhaps i am not - who can tell?" - He SHOULD send me on an initial quest to kill a vampire in the Nelas Ancestral Tomb before i need to find him a bride to be considered worthy. BUT the Bhawsak will not even entertain conversation about these things. I have resorted to bribery, flattery, intimidation, killing him and reloading, dragging in another copy of the Kaushad NPC object in the editor but just ending up with stereo Bhawsaks (Turned them into quadrophonic with a Daedric Dai-Katana then reloaded then realised i still had stereo Kaushad so exited and took him out with the editor). Meanwhile i am still speaking to everyone, going round in circles trying to find the thing i am missing to get him to speak to me about being named Nerevarine. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!

This was extremely annoying, and had me beaten for ages. Restarting from level 70-odds is not a pleasant prospect. :-(

Solution: Console commands - courtesy of Elder Scrolls Forums

One suggestion which very nearly worked was:

Journal B3_ZainabBride 50
Player->ModReputation 1
Player->additem "Thong" 1

However, since nothing is ever that simple, the first command to update the journal returns an error that it can't find any such entry. I reckoned that there might be prerequisite journal entries that were missing since the console hack was to finish the mission and receive the reward.

In the TES editor choose the dialogue option on the character menu. There are a series of tabs near the top left corner - scroll right to reveal the journal tab.

Down the left is a list of all the quests/missions in the game, each with a unique id. (in this case B3_ZainabBride) When you select one, you get a list of the info/response elements to the dialogue. Each one has an index shown in the "Disp / Index" column - used to refer to specific journal entries. 50 was indeed there, and related to finishing the mission.

I ended up adding in every entry (except 1 - which was how i needed to butter up Kaushad before he would speak to me. Grrr - he's lucky enough.) i.e. 3,4,5,20,30,35,40,45,47,50. There are also entries with indexes 55 and 60, but since as soon as i entered 50 i got an automatic journal entry that i had been declared Nerevarine of all four Ashlander tribes, i knew there was no point - the game was fixed and i could go and speak to Kaushad and get the journal entry properly - plus i wanted to hit F5 and poison his wine...

Just what i always wanted!...